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Guiding Your Solar Success,
Every Step of the Way

Start your renewable energy journey with Guided Path Solar! Our passionate team of industry veterans is here to enhance your company's success. We excel in customizing procurement, consultation, purchasing, and sales services to fit your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Trust us to navigate your company toward prosperity in the ever-evolving solar landscape.

Who We Are

Welcome to Guided Path Solar, a rapidly growing solar enterprise based in Dripping Springs, TX.


Specializing in procurement, consultation, purchasing, and sales services, our versatile team of solar industry veterans is committed to delivering value to our clients and partners in every aspect.


We are dedicated to providing steadfast support and ensuring a superior experience for our clients with transparency, timely communication, and an unwavering commitment to hard work.


Leading the Way in Solar Supply Chain Excellence

  • Harnessing 60+ Years of Collective Expertise

  • Industry Leadership Across All Solar Equipment Supply Chain Domains

  • Trusted Partners at Every Level of the Supply Chain


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Solar Equipment Distribution

Our efficient solar equipment distribution ensures clients promptly receive quality products, facilitating seamless implementation of sustainable energy solutions.

Solar Equipment Liquidation

Effortlessly clear surplus solar equipment inventory with our liquidation services, ensuring a hassle-free process that maximizes value for your business.

Purchasing and Sales Services

Let us handle your solar equipment purchasing and sales needs with care and expertise, ensuring a smooth process tailored to your specific requirements.


Receive personalized guidance and support from our team to enhance your renewable energy projects through our consulting services.


Streamline your renewable energy supply chain with our top-notch logistics solutions, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish.

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