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Receiving, Inspection, and Claim Filing Guidelines for Shipment of Solar Panels

We understand the importance of receiving your solar panel shipments in the best possible condition. This guide is intended to assist you and your warehouse team in receiving, inspecting, and, if necessary, filing a claim for your solar panel shipments.

Receiving Your Shipment

  1. Initial Inspection: Upon the arrival of your shipment, please conduct a preliminary visual inspection for any obvious damages or shortages, which should be documented and noted on the Bill of Lading. This should be done before signing the delivery receipt.

  2. Notation on Delivery Receipt: If a thorough inspection isn't feasible immediately, please annotate the delivery receipt with phrases like “Pending further inspection” or “Possible hidden damage, subject to inspection”. This will protect your interests should any concealed damage be discovered later.

Reporting Damages

  1. Immediate Action: If you find any damages, immediately note them on the delivery receipt as "Damage found, subject to further inspection".

  2. Detailed Documentation: Take detailed photographs of the damaged solar panels, including close-ups and wider shots showing the overall context. Also, photograph the packaging condition and any serial numbers on the damaged panels.

  3. Contact Guided Path Solar: Notify us as soon as possible or within 3 days, with the details of the damage, along with the accompanying photographs and any relevant notes from the delivery receipt.

Lost or Incorrect Product

  • For Lost Items: If any product is missing, report it immediately to the delivery personnel and note it on the carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL). Gather the driver’s details and the truck number for reference.

  • For Incorrect Items: Should you receive products that do not match your order, indicate this discrepancy on the BOL before signing. Prepare to provide photographs of the incorrect items and the quantity received.

Additional Policies

  • Restocking Fee: Sales are Final.  Any returns of unwanted or misordered products will need to be agreed upon by all parties in writing and may incur a 15% restocking fee. Customers bear the return shipping costs and are responsible for the risk of loss or damage during return shipping.

  • Special Orders and Re-Consignment: Special Order items and address changes post-shipment may have specific conditions and fees.

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